Meet the Idiots

Chin Teechin-tee

Is not white but he’s trying his best.

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Josh Bellmanjoshua-bellman

Josh Bellman has read a grand total of books rivaling even the most smartest of people. When not booking himself into book clubs Josh’s hobbies consist of a full time career in architecture.

Josh, the old dream boat, has a pretty decent ‘insta’ following or if you’re more into ‘words’ follow him here @JoshBellman.



Haran Xharan-x

After escaping to Hungary from Bookenwald, Professor Haran X undertook a fellowship in Ante-postmodern Literary Theory and Funk Dance for Self Defense (sic) at the University of Bookarest. His carnal research interests include bookake, bookolding and DVDA.

Follow him @Haran_X_Comedy or on Instagram and  Facebook for comics and gig info.



Dan Offedaniel-offenn

Is a comedian and writer who grew up in the bosom of the London liberal intelligentsia in Islington.

“Semi-pro” – Haran X

For intellectual musings see @danieloffen on Twitter.



Alice Burden14324696_1068573196526001_8105038624800181113_o-1

A woman.

You can follow Alice on instagram and twitter. She’s even got a website! Well done her.